HEY, I AM Cagdas, 25 Jahre alt und komme aus Frankfurt am Main. Diesen Blog habe ich gestartet, um meine Begeisterung am travel and PHOTOGRAPHY NEW CULTURES, OTHER Habits, IMPRESSIVE LANDSCAPES, NATIONAL FOOD AND INTERESTING PEOPLE ARE MORE THAN ENOUGH REASONS FOR ME TO ALWAYS Grab my bag and leave for new adventures. Of course my camera is an essential equipment, so i can share some photos with you too.

Kamera:Sony Alpha 7Rii
Objektive:Sony GM16-35mm F2.8
Sony GM24-70mm F2.8 ,
Sony GM70-200mm F2.8 ,
Sony 35mm F1.4 ,
Sony 50mm F1.4 ,
Sony GM 85mm F1.4 and
Sony Macro 90mm F2.8

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